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 # Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies before ordering.

 # We recommend eating our food within 2 hours.

 # If you call(519-641-8878) beforehand to order, you can skip the Queue !


Miso Soup $1.5

Soybean paste soup

Garden Salad $5

Mixed vegetables with oriental dressing

Salmon Avo Salad $10

Garden salad topped with salmon, avocado, sweet mayo

Mango Avo Salad $8

Garden salad topped with mango, avocado, sweet mayo

Spicy Sashimi Salad $10

Garden salad topped with fresh fishes,  Korean hot pepper sauce

Wakame salad $7

Seaweed, cucumber, radish, carrot with ponz sauce 


Salmon sushi (2pcs) $4.5

Salmon sashimi (3pcs) $7

Sushi set (10pcs) $18

  Chef's choice assorted nigiri sushi

Basic Roll

Spicy salmon roll $6.5

Salmon, cucumber, tempura bits with spicy mayo

Spicy tuna roll $7

Tuna, cucumber, tempura bits with spicy mayo

Salmon-avo roll $7.5

Salmon, avocado

BBQ eel roll $7

Eel tempura, avocado with unagi sauce

Shrimp tempura roll $7

Shrimp tempura, cucumber with unagi sauce

California roll $5.5

Avocado, crab, cucumber

Spicy california roll $6

California roll with spicy mayo, tempura bits

Crab salad roll $5.5

shredded crab, avocado 

Spicy crab roll $6

shredded crab, avocado  with spicy mayo, tempura bits

Egg-cheese roll $7

Japanese style egg omelet, cheese with sweet mayo

Yam-avo roll $6

Yam tempura, avocado with sweet mayo

Cucumber roll $5.5

Avocado roll $6.5

Avo-Q roll $6

Avocado, cucumber

Mango avo roll $7

mango, avocado

Gyoza roll $5.5

Vegetable dumpling


Edamame $6

steamed green soybeans with salt

Gyoza $6

6 pcs of air-fried vegetable dumpling

Takoyaki $8

6 pcs of Japanese octopus snack with takoyaki sauce

Kimmari $8

6 pcs of Korean fried seaweed roll made with glass noodles

Special Roll

Dynamite roll $11

Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, crab with unagi sauce

Cheese crunch  roll $12

Dynamite roll with cheese topped with unagi sauce, tempura bits

Red dragon roll $14

Dynamite roll topped with salmon, avocado, spicy mayo

Black dragon roll $14

Dynamite roll topped with BBQ eel, avocado, unagi sauce

Green dragon roll $13

Dynamite roll topped with avocado, sweet mayo

Yellow dragon roll $13

Dynamite roll topped with mango, sweet mayo, unagi sauce


Tiger roll  $15

Shrimp tempura, cheese, crab topped with torched salmon, spicy mayo, unagi sauce, onion chips


Salmon deluxe roll $15

Spicy salmon, cucumber topped with salmon, onion chips, spicy mayo


Philadelphia roll $12

Cheese, avocado topped with salmon, sweet mayo


Spicy-phila  roll $12

Spicy salmon, cheese,  cucumber topped with salmon, spicy mayo, unagi sauce

Rainbow roll $13

Avocado, crab, cucumber, fish egg topped with fish, avocado

Tropical roll $12

Crab salad, avocado topped with salmon, avocado, mango


Veggie deluxe roll $13

Yam tempura, mango, pickled radish, cucumber topped with avocado, sweet mayo

Kimbap $11

Egg omelet, crab, cucumber, carrot, pickled radish, sesame oil

Mega roll (Sushi Burrito) $13

    A : Salmon, spicy mayo, egg omelet, crab salad, avocado,

           ginger pickles, tempura bits, unagi sauce

    B : Shrimp tempura, sweet mayo, egg omelet, crab salad, avocado,       

           ginger pickles, tempura bits, unagi sauce

Fire roll $17

Shrimp tempura, crab topped with baked salmon, spicy crab, cheese, spicy mayo

Sweet Roll $17

Egg omelet, cheese, avocado topped with baked salmon, crab salad, cheese, sweet mayo


Soda $1.77

Coke, Nestea, Ginger Ale

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